New to Yoga?

What to expect in yoga class:

  • Have fun

  • People typically arrive 5-10 min early to get in a little more relaxing time. Please do not ever feel worried about coming in late. You are always welcome. Just quietly sneak in and join us. All is good!

  • All classes are modified to fit you. We will do modifications all along the way, so don’t feel intimidated.

  • Do not worry about what others are doing. The goal is to listen to your body and do what feels right to you. It is completely ok to not follow the cues, and do your own thing or hang in your favorite pose as long as you want. No one is watching you. The focus in yoga is inward, so others don’t even notice you!

  • You do not need to be flexible, strong, perfect, etc to do yoga. You come to yoga to love and nourish yourself. Come as you are. You are awesome! Yoga will help you grow and reach your dreams.


What to wear: 

  • Bare feet

  • Something you can move easily in

  • Clothes you feel comfortable wearing while bending over and moving


What to bring

  • You can bring a mat if you have one, but there are plenty of extras to borrow if you’d like. If you borrow a mat, there is a mat spray and a cloth to wipe it down after use. Mats also get cleaned regularly.

  • You are welcome to bring a water bottle to keep next to you.

  • Just bring yourself and be ready to have fun!!

  • Leave cell phones, jackets, shoes, etc. outside the studio in the cubbies.