Classes held at Xpos Yoga Studio above Xpeditions Coffee Shop (1319 Main Street Bloomer, WI.)
plus special classes in neighboring communities.
See schedule for class/location information.

Drop-ins welcome, but it is best to sign up online to be contacted in case of cancellation.
If you need help signing up, please contact me.
Click here to sign up online. Pay online or at class.


Yoga Strong & Sweet

This class is a great balance of strength, mobility, and gentle sweetness.  Clear your mind, soothe your soul and build strength and movement in your body. A great class for everyone!  This class is for all levels.  Must be able to stand from seated We will start with the modifications and I will show you where you can grow from there.

Yoga Chill

A relaxing, gentle yoga practice.  This is a nice, juicy, slow class!   We will hold poses longer, build strength and flexibility and clear the mind. This class is for all levels.   



Special Series

I run special series on yoga, meditation and mindfulness at times.  Check the schedule and Facebook event page for current offerings.  

Foam Rolling

Experience a deep tissue massage where you are your own masseuse. You will use foam rollers and tennis balls to get deep into your fascia and release those tight spots. Make sure to drink plenty of water during and after class. 


Youth Yoga

Classes for youth that focus on fun,, movement, breath and mindfulness.   

Specialty Services

  • Private and Small Group Yoga Sessions
  • Yoga and Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Sports Teams Yoga, Foam Rolling and Mindfulness


Drop ins are always welcome if there is room, and I will always work hard to make room for everyone. If you want to ensure your spot, sign up online. If you need help signing up, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

If you are late to class, please do not let that stop you! I would rather you come and get to your mat instead of missing because you were late.  

If you have questions about any postures or anything in class, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for you to help you grow your practice. I will be around before and after classes and am happy to guide you.